Rhinoplasty: 10 questions to ask before you redo his nose

Nose sign character and when it is source of complex, it is impossible to hide. Aesthetic responses must always take into account the psychological parameter. A nose that is no longer supports can ruin your life. Mary, age 33, has experienced: when I was setting up at a restaurant table, I was sure to put []

Nose sign character and when it is source of complex, it is impossible to hide. Aesthetic responses must always take into account the psychological parameter.

A nose that is no longer supports can ruin your life. Mary, age 33, has experienced: when I was setting up at a restaurant table, I was sure to put me in the corner where my nose would be less visible. Each photo was a torment. I had surgery the nose four years ago, and my life has changed. » Rhinoplasty committed any personality

1. at what age decide to Rhinoplasty?

The operation is possible when the face has completed its bone and cartilage, growth to 16-18 years. This is a theoretical age, says Dr. Gerbault, Professor at the International society of asthetic plastic surgery. Because else the psychological maturity. Exceptionally, I can operate a teenager of 14 years, with the agreement of the parents, if the nose is a real psychological problem. ».

2. how to choose her cosmetic surgeon?

It must take at least two different opinions, and check the reputation of the surgeon in relying on word-of-mouth. The practitioner must be experienced and make the Rhinoplasty regularly. The woman, in turn, should feel confidence, listened. It must still expose its application freely, without that the surgeon seeks to impose his choice

3. how to explain what I want?

This dialogue with the surgeon is very important. The key word is natural, the nose should align with the rest of the face. We have to get along, because otherwise, the end result can be objectively beautiful but not appeal. Show photos in magazines, making simulations of morphing from photos, explain his expectations before the mirror several techniques allow to anticipate the final result

4 and if I have a breathing problem?

There are few contraindications to surgery of the nose: in certain cases of diffuse polyposes (growths at the level of the mucous membranes) and who distort the nose, or in case of problem of uncorrectable bleeding, the operation is prevented. But these cases are rare. Often, the operation will even allow breathe better,explained Dr. Gerbault..

Thus, a diverging, mechanically obstructed nasal septum can be corrected. Less known: the valves. It is, at the bottom of the nose, areas that can push against the inside of the nose and obstruct breathing..

Note that if these impairments are not identified, they can be worsened. A medical check before operation is at least to auscultate the nose with a speculum. At the slightest doubt can be a scanner or a nasal fibroscopy which is to drag a small hose inside the nose, says Dr. Gerbault..

5 can. a rhinoplasty all correct?

Everything is correctable, starting with the most classic cases of bump on the nose or too thick nose even if some cases remain more delicate

If the skin is very thick, the operation will be more complex. It is for example the so-called ethnic rhinoplasty, when the patient may have very short nose bones, soft cartilage, very thick skin. If the skin is very thin, the risk of irregularities or imperfections increases significantly. If the bones are brittle: In people over 40-45 years, skin not to redrape not the same way and the bones are more brittle. If there is a false hump: people who have a hollow between the two eyes can give the impression of having a bump. This is a case where the Rhinoplasty by injections (see question 8) gives good results. If a strong psychological parameter interferes, it must be identified. The patient may suffer from dysmorphic disorder, and see in the mirror a normal nose that would be her eyes distorted. The area of focus no. 1, is the nose. The worst thing would then operate them ignoring the psychological parameter, explains Dr. Gerbault. 6. how goes the intervention?

In a classic rhinoplasty, the surgeon will operate most often under general anesthesia for one to three hours. There are two ways to proceed. First passing through the inside of the nose (closed Rhinoplasty): track Endonasal without scar is usually faster, says Dr. Braccini, president of the advanced medical and aesthetic and plastic surgery

Second option: make a micro-incision between the nostrils (open Rhinoplasty). The surgeon shall open when the nose has factors that may be source of difficulty because the scar is almost invisible.

7 are. the suites binding?.

This operation of the nose may require overnight hospitalization. The suites are binding: starting at least a week of social predation. The patient wears in some cases of bits to prevent bleeding for two days, a cast or a splint for a week. It takes one to two weeks of blue around the eyes

Then, so the nose is his final appearance, it will wait up to one year, the time that the swelling subsides. This swelling subsides in several times. The party high and bone, the final result is seen in two or three months. ».

8. can I correct my nose with injections?

Its the medical rhinoplasty, that allows to correct small defects of the nose with injections (hyaluronic acid)

Dr. Frederick Braccini explains: even if the benchmark treatment remains surgery, medical Rhinoplasty is justified in some cases, to blend a small bump or a small hollow It can be proposed in first intention or to correct imperfections post-surgical early or late. ».

This method has several advantages: it is quick and noninvasive, and there are few suites. «The result can last from 1 to 3 years because the nose is not a very mobile area hyaluronic acid can long remain in place, says Dr. Braccini..

9. how much does Rhinoplasty cost? East this refund?

For a classic rhinoplasty, it takes 3 500 to 8,000 euros. For a rhinoplasty with rhinosculpture ultrasonic: from $ 4,000. For a medical Rhinoplasty: from 300 or 400 euros for an injection of hyaluronic acid. The operation may be at least partially supported by social security, after prior agreement, therefore that is diagnosed a respiratory problem, the functional part is supported

10. my nose will be more sensitive?

Once the consolidation period passed, there is nothing to say that the nose will be more fragile. Even if it is surely purely psychological, I do more attention to my nose since he underwent, explains Marie, made four years ago. Lets say that, as it cost me dear, I have no desire to damage! » .