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Episode Two

I tried on 5 different outfits before I finally settled on a simple but nice short dress. I think it makes me look homely but sexy at the same time, it could just be my thought though. I decided to go with very nude make up, which always does justice to my face. Abbey already called that he was on his way so I was expecting him to knock at any moment. I had no idea where we were going but I knew it will definitely be on point. Abbey just has that look of the guy that knows how to treat a woman and my full crush on him is still as hot as the first time I saw him. We have chatted almost every minute during the past week and I feel like I know him already. Can he just knock already? So I can appear from the room like in the movies? My phone rang and he really bust my bubble when he said I should come outside because he didn’t see the need to drive in. Gosh! That is definitely the first annoying thing of the night.

We arrived at “the restaurant” and I was seriously wowed. I really thought I knew all the cool places in Abuja but this place was definitely coded, hidden somewhere on Gana Street in Maitama. I wasn’t even pissed anymore because we gisted all the way. We were practically talking like we had been best friends forever when this was really our second face to face conversation together. As per my usual habit, I left him to order. Trust me, I learnt that lesson a long time ago, I never order the meals since I never know the guy’s budget. And next I knew, Abbey asked the main question which was, “ Is there any man I should be scared of?” I laughed it off and said, yea be scared of my dad and my two brothers. That is definitely a good sign. He then held my hands and said, Tammy I know you will think it's too early but I really like you so much already and it has just been a week. In my mind, I said if only you knew I was in love with you already. I really feel I am too matured to start hiding my feelings so I said I really like him too but will definitely want to know him better before committing to anything. He said that was good enough for him and we enjoyed the rest of the night. fitted bridal dresses

Abbey and I started seeing each other like every other day after that. I kept reminding him we were not dating yet and we were still exploring friendship but that was definitely not holding him back. He would bring me lunch in my office and sometimes take me out. We had our first kiss about a month after that date in my apartment. It felt like I had never been kissed before. I fell in love with him all over again. I was so happy he didn't try to take it beyond a kiss because the way I felt, I would probably have lost the resolve to say No. This was my first big temptation since 5 years ago that I got closer to God and decided never to sleep with any guy till my wedding night. Three months later, I was already considering making my relationship with Abbey formal when I got the most unexpected call from Toba. That was definitely one call I was not expecting. I had not seen or spoken to Toba in 7 years. Okay, let me tell you a little about Toba... Toba used to be the love of my life. In fact, he is the only guy I have ever slept with

Watch out for Episode 3...