After my prostate cancer, I have fear of no longer having erections

Operated a prostate cancer two years ago, Jerome, 51 years, has, since then, most erection. He who was so well in his body and in his couple, is today very unhappy. How to restore his erections? He decided to consult. Account of the various talks that Jerome had with Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, Director of the []

Operated a prostate cancer two years ago, Jerome, 51 years, has, since then, most erection. He who was so well in his body and in his couple, is today very unhappy. How to restore his erections? He decided to consult.

Account of the various talks that Jerome had with Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, Director of the Centre of Andrology of the Cochin Hospital (Paris), Member of the Scientific Committee of health magazine.

Consultations 1 and 2: the helplessness of the coupleConsultation 1: Armelle no longer knows what do to help his mariJe see Armelle, 49 years, in consultation with Gynecology for a routine visit. At the bend of the conversation, she tells me that her husband had cancer of the prostate and that, since, it is completely shot. I dont know what to do, explain to me. As soon as I approach him, he repulsed by stating me that he has no need of pity. His urologist told him not to worry and that it was going to work out. But he sees nothing coming. ».

Obviously, no was not informed the way forward so that things are improving. I say to Armelle it would be although I see, only. Thus, it can engage more, without fear of the crease. Before, how was sexually between them? Very well, but since the operation, nothing more! As blocked You think it might change? No doubt, if he rehabilitates well things. I can give him treatment, a crutch, which will allow him to relearn how to walk, little by little. Armelle goes, hopeful for her husband

2nd consultation: Jérôme feels Diminuejerome comes only three weeks later. I have before me a depressive man folded on itself. I am head of construction. But I am more interested. I am no longer a man. During the operation, my surgeon had cut the nerves that control erection ».

I try to reassure him: even when the Strip where the nerves are located is not severed, must be the body running little by little so that things are normal'. But my penis shrinks more and more!, he said. I reply that the function creates the body. Less it will use, more it will retract

I invite Jerome at pass in the examination room. Everything is normal, but his Rod seems slightly retracted on itself. In the first place, it would be nice to a doppler of the penis to study the vessels and a test to intracaverneuses injections. This is done from small stings in the verge: if it reacts, it is that blood can circulate and that erections can return. In addition, circulate blood nine thanks to this test will oxygenate the corpora cavernosa, i.e. more flexible sponge found in the penis and absorbing the blood. When soft, the absorption is better and the erection can come. ».

This message seems to appease Jérôme: You mean that it can work again? Yes, but it will be very gradual. Ill go to an angiologue, specialist of vessels, which is at the same time Andrologist, a human doctor. He will see what dose you will react. Do you take drugs?  No, he said. This will facilitate things. Jerome could have need of antihormones after his cancer treatment, if there were metastases. But his illness has been taken in time and he is still young, so we can hope for him that there will be no sequelae.

Armed with this information, Jérôme resumes a little hope, which is very important. Today a small localized, prostate cancer has more than 70% chance of not altering the sexual life. But to do this, should the urologists who operate to give the right as soon as possible information to their patients, do not hesitate to repeat and to accompany the sick, not limited to the surgical gesture. The patient will be even more motivated it will feel not alone in this fight. In addition, if his wife can show him that she wants to be in privacy, without putting pressure, things can happen otherwise

Consultation 3: the first reviews have it Rassurejerome comes back, smiling, with the record of the doppler. He explains: it seems that it has injected me only a tiny dose, and yet it worked! Indeed, on the record, I see that the erection was present from 10 micrograms, so that one can inject the double. Jerome is pleased: his erector nerves have not been cut! It is a very good prognosis

If in small doses, the erection has been rapid, it is that its fabrics are reactive. If he rehabilitates this zone, there are chances that it happens more and more. I asked about the health of his marriage: are you close to one another? Are there tensions?  No, but I see well that sadness is installed. Yet, Armelle was also happy that me when I told him that it had walked during the test! ».

Injections for wake up the present Vergea, the goal is that it starts the injections himself, twice per week.

There are pens that facilitate the gesture. You dont even see the microneedle, just ask the tip of the pen on the skin and depress the plunger to inject the product. Initially, these injections will be used to oxygenate the corpus cavernosum in order to awaken the verge. This will allow you to have intercourse, but so, internal tissues has not atrophied. You should feel more free erections, to be able to resume sexual activity. ».

However, I repeat to Jerome is a very progressive Protocol, which it should not expect excessive results too short-term. There already fortunate to have reacted immediately when the test, which is not the case of all

Then it shouldnt, lulled by the euphoria, you forgot in your partner. The majority of women have first of pleasure by caresses. Since you know how to do before, try again! Playing on these two potential, the hardness of the penis and the emotional and sexual, context Jérôme can succeed to escape

Consultations 4-8: he was able to redo the love with his Femmejerome had a bit of trouble to control injections. He did not know that it was well positioned on the rod, how he had to make. For a week, because he was sick, he did no injection. It was necessary to reassure him because for him, everything was again damn I advised her to practice only injections, while his wife way the technical side

After a few weeks, it had become much simpler. He was preparing his pen in advance, ready to practice an injection if the urge to remake the love to his wife was And that is what happened, with the key a quite satisfactory report for both. So it was time to see if the relay of the bites per tablets was possible

Consultations 9 and 10: the return to a life sexual satisfaisanteConsultation 9: Jérôme must remain Spontanejerome realized that he had a few reactions in the morning. The fabric became alive, it starts to react again. I propose therefore tablets, or Sildenafil, the generic Viagra or Cialis, Levitra, or the Spedra, as it wants

I explain, however, that if, after cancer of the prostate, intracaverneuses injections may be reimbursed, as well as radiation therapy or surgery, tablets, them, will be dependant. In addition, it must inquire because prices vary from a brand and one pharmacy to another, ranging from 2 to $10 Tablet

If you take a Tablet but there are no reports, nevermind! Do not try to monetize the medication. Stay spontaneous! ».

The goal is to have a flexible and effective way so that they can find a satisfactory sex life. And if Jerome needs to take medication long-term, theres no contraindication.

Consultation 10: Armelle found her husband! Three months later, Armelle and Jerome return together, happy to be again accomplices. They were laughing eyes. Armelle explains: I wanted to come, because I wanted to tell you that if, at the beginning, I was just hoping that things are improving, there, I found my husband!.

He adds: now, I can sayI had prostate cancer,unless it wakes up the anxieties of before, merely by pronouncing this word. Thank you. ».