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(Michael's POV)

We walked into the woods, with Alan in front leading us. He tried to find his path to the point he had told us about, but he seemed to be making lots of wrong turns.

"I don't know, I thought it was this direction," Alan said for the thousandth time.

Night was fast approaching, soon the full moon will be out and mother would probably be dead.

"Alan calm down and use your senses, you are a wolf, you can do this," Zach tried to calm him down.

"I don't know how I could have forgotten the path, it was as clear as day in my head," Alan muttered

Tess and I held hands throughout, and Jake had tried his best to tear us apart. But Tess wouldn't just let go.
After a while, Alan finally found the path.

"I recognize this tree," he said with a smile. Though the smile drowned immediately it met Zach's frowned face.

The leaves rustled, as the wind blew forcefully. A speck of dust aimed for my right eye, but it shut before the speck could find it's way in.
The full moon was already in the sky, It appeared as if it were watching our every move, smirking while doing so.

"Stop!" A feminine voice screamed from a distance, the voice I recognized as my mother's.

Another epic scream was heard as we neared the voice, neither of us talking.
We could now see their lights, as there were only few trees blocking our line of vision.

"What are they doing to her?" Jake whispered to me.

"Shush," Zach said. "Listen."

Jake kept quiet, he seemed to he using his enhanced hearing, I decided to use mine to.

"Dad you said we were helping them, not killing them," I could hear Cat's voice whisper..

"I just need to ask her a few questions..." The voice was interrupted by my mum's scream of pain. "......all"
That was the last thing I could pick up from what looked like Cat's conversation with her dad.

"Did you side with Gilliam that day?" I had moved a few feet forward from my original position, so now I could see Cat's dad holding a stick in his hands and pointing it at screaming mum.

"Did you aid in the death of Clark Gordon?" Mr. Stewart asked her again.
The mention of my father's name made me shiver

A lot was going through my mind, the only thing I knew about my dad was that he died in a plane crash, but his body was never found. Mum gets picky anytime we tried asking her. Only Arthur was old enough to register dad's face. Mum didn't even keep his pictures. UcenterDress champagne mother of the groom gowns

"You know I could kill you all if I wanted to, Franc," Mum replied, gasping in pain. "But I didn't kill my husband in any way."

"Then how would you explain his death? You guys were as thick as thieves. How the hell was he out that night, alone with Gillian?" Francis yelled out

"Cause he freaking bound me with a spell from your girlfriend," Mum screamed back, then gasping out in pain as a nearby hunter her.

"She didn't do it," Mr Stewart spoke as if in a sudden realization. "We can't kill her, I made a mistake."

"Are you kidding, she is a deadly witch. I am an hunter, we hunt and kill things like this," another hunter said.

"No, Cara is not a thing, you...." He was interrupted by the sound of a clicking gun behind his neck.

"Go on with the rituals and kill her," the hunter said.

The hunters started chanting in an arcane language, one of them already placed an object on mom's chest. And it was at that moment my patience snapped.

I rushed out of hiding angrily, Zach's screams fell on deaf ears, I ran straight for the scene, shifting to my wolf form as I ran.
In one great leap, which would have had me screaming if not for me being angry, I landed in front of my mom, pinching off the hunter nearest to her.

"Back off!" I said half roaring.

One of them aimed at me with a crossbow, but was knocked off by a speeding Tess.

The others had also jumped out of hiding, except for Liz who seemed not to be among.

I untied mum's restraint, but she seemed too weak to walk. I carried her, but I dropped her immediately as a wolfsbane bullet hit my back.
I turned back, but the shooter still had his gun pointed at me.

The others had also been apprehended.
Tess was on the ground writhing in pain, the hunters had done something to her.

"Dad, you said we were trying to help them. We are killing them," Cat said her eyes bulged out.

"I don't really think I call the shots here," Mr Stewart replied his daughter.

"Yeah, he doesn't I do," the hunter who had ordered my mom's death said.
"Shoot them all! Immediately!"

The hunters cocked their guns in unison, another had pressed mom in the chest with the same object they used earlier.
I couldn't move, cause it seemed I have been paralyzed. I was using all my strength to keep myself from falling.

Just then as they were about to shoot, I heard a whooshing sound, and could see a blurry shape moving among us.
And in a second all the hunters were unconscious, except for Mr Stewart and Cat.

A woman zoomed towards mom. "Has she been stabbed anywhere?" She asked me, as I dropped to the ground beside her.

I shook my head negatively.

"Good," she replied.

"Who are you?" I asked

"Jordan, I am Jane Jordan," She replied.
"I need to get her home, meet me there."

She sped off in front of me carrying Mom on her shoulders.

"Mike?" Cat's voice said behind me.

I turned back, summoned all my strength as I stood up, ignoring Cat and her dad.
I checked out Tess who seemed to have passed out.
Jacob and the others lifted each other up.

Liz's car zoomed into the woods. "Get in," she called out.

Each one of us, very weak from being shot dragged us in.
Before I left, I could sense the unhappiness and anger brooding in Cat. For now she was no friend of mine.