50 tips slimming with the new Weight Watchers diet

Melt without renouncing his desires, it is possible! Thanks to these 50 reflexes, relearn the nutritional balance just, and custom with the new Weight Watchers. Lose weight without sacrificing the balance, nor pleasure: this is what offers the new Weight Watchers.  One cannot lose weight at the expense of its form, says Delphine Théard, doctor []

Melt without renouncing his desires, it is possible! Thanks to these 50 reflexes, relearn the nutritional balance just, and custom with the new Weight Watchers.

Lose weight without sacrificing the balance, nor pleasure: this is what offers the new Weight Watchers.  One cannot lose weight at the expense of its form, says Delphine Théard, doctor of sciences responsible for the development and medical Weight Watchers France. This program therefore revolves around the principles of a balanced diet, and grows as the latest scientific advances in nutrition. ».

Follow his desires, therefore continuous permisOn to eat normally, in making three meals (more a possible snack) and in eating everything: satiety vegetables, fruit, 2-3 2-4 servings of starches, 2 to 3 servings of foods rich in protein, 2 to 3 dairy products and 2 servings of fat per day. It promotes natural foods, focusing on those poor in fat and those who possess strong satiating power. Once this framework set, long live freedom! With the former program, could already eat with the family, but also go out and receive through smart advice and extras account. With Perso more novelty, is also made according to its taste, its imperatives, or beliefs.

It may altogether lose weight when it consumes neither meat nor fish, when we cannot do without bread or pasta or when one must, for reasons of health, oust its base foods, says Delphine Tate. Simply taken into account in the development of its menus, always according to the major rules of balance. ».

Restore a good Equilibrepas of weight loss effective and sustainable without good hygiene of life to follow on a daily basis! To achieve this, it attaches a framework with benchmarks

1. I small lunch as it sings to me.

What counts is to take something within 2 hours after sunrise to prevent snacking. In case of lack of appetite, is merely a drink and it carries a fruit, a dairy products to 0% and a slice of rye bread or two rice cakes. On weekends, to avoid croissants, we dare a greedy but balanced version..

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2. I adopt the plate four quarters.

Two quarters of vegetables cooked, a quarter of starchy foods and a quarter of lean meat, fish or eggs: it is the just proportion to meet its nutritional needs, and be satiated until the next meal

3. I attack with vegetables.

Raw or cooked, they contain water and fibres which Wieners and reduce appetite. This season, we also think about thirst-quenching, appetite suppressants and cold soups

4. I create smart guides.

With my hand, I gauge the quantities at a glance! 1 closed fist = 1 potato moyenne.1 hollow hand = 25 g of chips = 50 g of peanuts = 1 fruit.1 Palm of hand = 100 g of meat or volaille.1 last phalanx of forefinger = 1 tsp cafe.1 inch length = 1 tbsp

5. I propose food separately.

Each uses according to his desires, but the meal remains common.

6. I allow myself oil, butter and cream.

Fats are essential to the functioning of our cells. So, even to lose weight, it consumes every day, limited to 2 teaspoons per day and emphasizing vegetable oils (olive, rapeseed, nuts) rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids

7. I play the tightrope walkers.

The balance is done on the day. If we love lasagna to a meal, it compensates with vegetables and white fish

8. I toast to water.

No (even light) soda, syrup or juice on the table. Wine, why not, condition that is limited to a glass and take them into account in addition to the meal

9. I invested in a connected wristband.

It assesses the level of activity. A level that one must seek to raise to boost weight loss!.

10. I take every opportunity to move.

On station distance or down two metro or bus stations before its fall, taking the stairs, walking to fetch bread

11. I program 5 min gym per day.

A few bends legs maintain the muscle mass, which burns calories, even at rest.

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Rethinking how to make his Marcheon feeds as one fills her shopping cart! Then, exit products processed fatty and sugary, embracing the basics of a healthy and balanced diet.

12. I always buy after eating.

Perfect timing: 1 to 2 hours after a meal, in full digestion

13. I is me basic stocks.

• In the refrigerator: eggs, vegetables and fresh fruit, lean dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese), rindless white ham, poultry ham • closets: canned vegetables (green beans, corn kernels, Macedonia), tuna and mackerel in natural, pasta, rice, wheat, quinoa, potatoes, semolina, milk, compotes without added sugars, rice cakes • in the freezer: poultry and fish fillets, steak chopped 5% MG plain or mixed vegetables without MG (couscous, julienne), nature fruits, rye bread

14. I make a list.

Establishing its needs based on the menus of the week, classifying them by rays to avoid wasting time and ending before the cookies

15. I prefer saisonIls foods are tasty, so bring a greater satiety. Their contributions (vitamins, minerals) also correspond to the nutritional needs of the moment

16. I take a look on the labels.

Canned and frozen life easier! But it verifies that they contain or sugars, or added fat

17. I do my shopping online if possible.

The drives allow to avoid the temptations and tastings at the bend of the rays

18. I boude promos.

They do buy too much, and rarely what one needs. Even when faced with an enticing offer, it respects its list. Unless it can freeze

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Respect her repeated frustrations enviesLes result in a lack of motivation and promote the slip-ups. For melt sustainably, it does not sacrifice its pleasures, but compose with

19. I choose the best in my class.

Emphasis amateur meat, less fat and more satiety pieces: Flank Steak, roast beef, rump, tournedos steak chopped 5% MG and beef tenderloin, steak and veal roast, cutlet and poultry NET, roasted in pork tenderloin Opting for fish white and shellfish and crustaceans. We prefer full or semi-complets starches and the potatoes steam or water

20. I adopt the right frequency.

Nothing wrong to enjoy a steak, but not every day: for line and health, it varies the sources of protein, with at least fish twice per week. Addicted to starchy foods, it does not hesitate to eat for two, or even three meals per day

21 vegetarian, I dont miss anything.

To cover its nutritional needs including ensuring equivalent protein intake-, replacing meat and fish by soybean (tofu, steak) or eggs or opting for a plate legumes + grains, and are complete with 2 to 3 dairy products per day. See recipe here

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22. I care preparation.

We prefer the meat and fish grilled or en papillote with herbs and cheese, vegetable-based sauces We accompany the starchy tomato sauce or a teaspoon of olive oil

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23. I systematic marie ment with vegetables.

Combine equal parts of pasta with ratatouille or a pavement of beef with green beans and a potato in the oven allows to eat less to be satiated

24. without gluten, I good swapping.

Lose weight without gluten, it is possible. I zapped: wheat spelt, wheat, oats, barley, rye and their derivatives (flour, semolina, flakes), bulgur, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, gnocchi, pasta, breads, gingerbread, baked goods, pastries, food breaded. I replace by: plantain bananas, chestnuts, red and white beans, yams, lentils, corn, cassava, potatoes, pearls from Japan, polenta, chick peas, peas, peas, quinoa, rice, buckwheat

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Cooking light but savoureuxAux furnaces, anything can spoil. Then, adopting the reflexes to prepare good with little fat and sugar

25. I anticipate.

It prepares in double or triple to put them in the freezer. Thus, it avoids the bread/cheese, flat caterer or even frozen pizza

26. I pschitte the oil cooking spray ($10), its to save money: two or three shots are enough to sear food pan and 10-12 shots for seasoning salad. 35 to 40 sprays equivalent to a teaspoon!

27. I me team malinPapillotes silicone, steamer, skillet, wok: the panoply of base to reduce the use of fats and preserve flavor and nutrients

28. I practice the assemblies.

It combines nature foods, fresh, canned or frozen. Semolina + escalope of chicken + vegetables varied for a couscous, tomatoes + beans red + steak chopped for a chili con carne. This avoids the calories of meals

29. I leave the classics for seasoning.

There is not only the béchamel sauce and salad dressing! To coat the food cold or hot, we dare vegetable juices, dairy products 0%, twisted with herbs, spices defatted broth

(Crudités, starters) yoghurt dressing: dissolve 2 c. c. mustard with 2 c. of olive oil. Add 1 c. s. lemon juice and 1 plain yogurt 0% MG. Salt and pepper, mix. Curry (BBQ) sauce: wear 10 cl of skimmed milk to a boil in a heavy small saucepan. Pour 1 c. s. curry powder, Cook 2 to 3 minutes over medium heat while stirring with a wooden spoon. Let cool when there are 3 tablespoons of liquid. Pour 200 g of fromage blanc with 0% MG cold into a bowl and add milk to curry. Assaisonnez.A see also: Barbecue: 3 recipes light sauces to yourself.

30. I use baking sheets.

This allows to Brown the food without using FAT, the stove and the oven

31. I dare all the spices.

They bring lots of flavour without calories, and virtues (digestion, tone). In addition to traditional saffron, curry, we think the tandoori, Colombo See recipe below..

32. I trompe l œil.

More trim is beautiful and fulfilled, more it is quickly satiated. To give volume to vegetables and fruits, it reduces them mashed and added egg mounted in snow white. To grow a salad or dish, the deposited on a bed of lettuce. For a dessert sexier than an Apple, prepared fruit carpaccio and salad with Mint

33. I reduce the sugar by half

The quantities indicated in the recipes of dessert are swollen! By dividing by 2, we obtain preparations also tasty but less caloric. .

Outwit the cravings and snacking compulsionsLe is not inevitable. By implementing good parades, this bad habit can disappear

34. I am the void.

In the closets, the car, the drawer of the desk nothing, if it is a fruit. In ride, we forget the purse to avoid dying

35. I shifted my dessert.

If you cannot resist snacking front of the TV, it keeps its fruit and/or his milking of the dinner and eaten in the evening with a fragrant herbal tea

36. I am preparing herbal teas and iced teas.

Made BREW and then placed in the bottle in the fridge to drink. Alternatively, flavoring the water with mint leaves, citrus peel

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37. I program a snack in case of munchies.

Ideal for stalling without threatening its efforts, this is a great hot drink, a fruit, a dairy products to 0%, and according to appetite, a thin slice of rye bread or a cake of rice. Thus, it combines fibers, proteins and complex carbohydrates, an association that satisfies long-term. Folichon not like snack? We dare preparations more sophisticated from the same ingredients (frosted fruit, foam, glass, white cheese with red fruit coulis). See recipe here

38. I open a fun account.

Very fancy an ice cream or a pancake? It will be allowed, but it counts: it is the principle of reserve ProPoints. Knowing that a banana split is equivalent to about a quarter of this reserve, it is necessary that this remains the exception!.

39. I adjust my intake of starchy foods.

By slowly releasing their energy, complex carbohydrates Wieners sustainably. When it is subject to food cravings, there must be a portion of starchy foods (150 g, cooked weight, or 50 g of bread) at each meal, focusing more satiety (rice and pasta complete or semi-completes, rye, legumes, quinoa). And if the portion is not enough to stall, it does not hesitate at first to increase it by entering this bonus account pleasure

40. I have a ritual activity.

A large market on weekends, a Zumba classes on Monday evening, a pool session Thursday noon What counts is the regularity! Move, this is a good way to combat stress and boredom responsible for cravings and, through hormonal secretions, to regulate his mood and appetite

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Out without ruining its effortsIl enough to make the right choices and to juggle the various dishes and meals to meet the overall balance

41. I hold me one hour before a release.

Take a bowl of gazpacho or a cottage cheese 0% with a large glass of water

42. among friends, I bring my house contribution.

To avoid peanuts, can prepare appetizers. See recipe here

43. I am wary of false friends.

The salad is too rich or too light. The gourmet coffee has fat and sugar by giving the impression of little to eat..

44. at the resto, I place my first order.

This avoids to be tempted

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45. I promotes satiety foods.

Emphasis input and vegetables with dish, meat and lean fish, starchy foods that stall the best (complete, pulses), and the preparations made from fruit or cottage cheese

46. I request sauces share.

This allows for the determination of

47. I loose on a dish.

Is not cumulated flat rich and rich dessert! If we love a Milanese cutlet, opting for fresh fruit salad

48. I take wine by the glass.

This avoids too consuming. It combines a glass of water for the thirsty

49. I compose my plate around my desire.

Tempted by a steak? Yes, but accompanied by vegetables, and in the evening, Im a vegetarian meal. Want pasta carbonara? Not worry, but at dinner, avoid starches and fats

50. I move to compensate.

1 glass of Rosé = 40 min of cycling at a speed moderee.2 slices of salami = 30 min of products.1 cone of ice (1 ball) = 20 min jump rope. For a woman of 70 kg

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